Keto Diet

How to choose a ketogenic diet to lose weight.

What is a keto diet really.

Many have heard of a guy who ate fatty stacks, bacon, fried chicken and lost weight very quickly. Someone has heard that the keto diet cures acne and other diseases. Others say that for a keto diet, you do not need to count calories. And of course, many probably heard that there is a keto flu. Probably many people want to lose weight effortlessly and burn fat when they eat fat. Is it all simple with a keto diet?
The human body receives energy from carbohydrates, fats and sometimes proteins. If you leave only fats and proteins, then ketosis will begin. Ketosis is a breakdown of fats. This process will include fat from your body. This is a ketogenic diet. This is good news for losing weight. But not so simple. Keto diet is not accompanied by very pleasant effects. Induction flu, leg cramps, constipation, bad breath, heart palpitations, reduced physical performance, potential danger when breastfeeding, gallstone problems, temporary hair loss, elevated cholesterol, keto rash, gout.
Therefore, the keto diet is not suitable for long-term use. A keto diet is also contraindicated if you have a health disorder. So who does the keto diet suit?
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Who is the keto diet suitable for?

Do you want to quickly lose a few pounds? You are not pregnant. You have no diabetes. You have normal cholesterol. You have normal pressure. Your liver and kidneys work well. Your nervous system is in order and no epilepsy. Your health is normal. Then you can try the keto diet. If the keto diet is not suitable for you, check out the following diets. Healthy diets or get a hint from our Online Nutritionist
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Keto diet
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